Фрезер ManiPower, белый


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Портативный фрезер Manipower от Magnetic! 30 000 оборотов. Возможность работы от батареи до 4 часов. Легкая ручка! Полное отсутствие вибрации! Отличный выбор для мастеров и тренеров.


Magnetic Nail Academy – the leaders in Nail Technology now offer you a complete Professional Electric Filing Solution for Nail Technicians, Manicurist’s, Pedicurist’s and Podiatrists.

Manipower is a high quality, portable electric file that you can take anywhere. Our Manipure files have a maximum output of 30,000 rpm. Our files are specially designed for the Nail Industry, and therefore suitable for all file operations. Manipower is very competitively priced and available in black and white.

Control Unit Specs
Li-Ion Battery
Charging time 3 hours
Working time 5 Hours
Working Power 24W
Weight : 277g
7 Segment Speed Control
Weight 183g
RPM – 0 – 30 000RPM
Cord 1.5 m
Length 133.5 mm
Torque 2.3Ncm
Hand Piece Specs

Using a professional electric file will help you as a Nail Designer to alleviate excess tension in your hand and arm muscles preventing RSI symptoms. Proper use of the machine is taught in the Magnetic Nail Academy classes. You can only have complete control when you have been properly trained.

• Hold the hand piece loosely in your hand, do not hold it with a “tense grip” as this can lead to RSI.
• Because the electric file creates very fine dust particles you have to protect yourself with a dust mask and safety glasses.
• Do not wear loose clothing and put your hair in a pony tail, this will help to prevent the file from getting stuck in your hair or clothing.
• When using the electric file we strongly recommend good dust ventilation built into your table.
• Properly support the hand that holds the file during work.